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Hi, Thank you for stopping by and getting to know what KC is all about.  Together we can create new memories for our children.  Remind them and ourselves of the children they are or once were.  Life moves too fast and our mental file cabinets stow away these moments.  If something doesn’t trigger the memory how will we ever remember.  So we are here to provide you with the tool to capture these moments and enjoy them for years to come.  Whether good or bad its the reality of being a parent.

” Drianna was born first than me? that’s why she’s bigger? I wanted to be born first”  here is an example of the daily captions in my house.

…or how about this one.

“Why when they bring eggs to the store and we bring them home there are no baby chicks inside?

Gosh things like this just brighten my day and put the biggest smile on my face.  I hope they put a smile on yours too.


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